The Daily Face Palm covers US foreign policy and economics from a pro-peace perspective.


We are not partisan, but we are partial. We will not claim otherwise. Transparency is more important than objectivity. We can’t avoid having a bias, but we can be upfront about it.

In foreign affairs, we favor nonintervention and free trade. On domestic policy, we support limited government, free markets, civil liberties, and the rule of law. We believe individuals are better-suited than politicians to decide what is in their own self-interest. We do not think governments should legislate morality.

Our views on economics are most closely aligned with the Austrian school. Our political philosophy is rooted in the nonaggression principle.

These biases will necessarily shape our analysis and the types of stories we cover. But we try not to draw conclusions without supporting them first.


For the moment, The Daily Face Palm is a misnomer.

Our current schedule is to publish a full-length article each Monday and a satirical piece each Friday. Later this spring, we anticipate returning to sharing a post each weekday. (In the meantime, the author is attempting to learn a foreign language. And he’s behind.)

Isn’t Face Palm one word?

Probably. Most dictionaries seem to use simply facepalm in their definitions. But frankly, The Daily Facepalm just didn’t do it for us typographically. So we went rogue.