The Daily Face Palm provides Fake News You Can Trust.

We write satire on US politics, economics, and foreign policy.

Most posts will be made in bad faith. Some may be funny.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you provide a disclaimer on every post? Doesn’t that kind of kill the joke?

Probably. However, the line between satire and reality has rarely been quite as blurry as it is today. This is an era where The Washington Post (apparently seriously) cited a literal joke as factual evidence for Russiagate. It’s also an era where President Trump has claimed (again, apparently seriously) to be the type of politician that waits “to get the facts“.

These types of stories sound like satire. But they actually happened.

This environment can make it hard to know what is real and what is made-up. We try to make it easier by explicitly labeling each article as satire and noting which elements are fictional. We also provide links to legitimate, related articles when applicable.

What’s your bias?

Like any respectable news outlet, we try to incorporate as much bias as possible into each post. However, due to space limitations, we regret that it may not always be entirely clear.

Broadly speaking, we support ending the wars, protecting civil liberties, freeing the markets, and reducing the size of government, in that order.