Advocates: Let the GOP Healthcare Repeal Effort Die with Dignity

Let the GOP healthcare repeal have the medicine it needs. | Credit: Charles Williams, Flickr

WASHINGTON, DC–Saying that the last days are always the hardest to watch, a group of activists and lawmakers on Capitol Hill this week argued that the GOP Obamacare repeal effort should be allowed to die with dignity.*

“There are good days and bad days,” Senator Rand Paul explained, “but deep down, we’ve all known the patient is terminal.”

Paul noted that, early on, there was a small hope for a cure. But when doctors discovered that the cancerous support for price-fixing and essential health benefits had spread to all but the most market-friendly members of Congress, it became clear the disease was inoperable.

Activist Frank Sanchez echoed Paul’s sentiments and said that the priority at this point was to minimize suffering. “The GOP healthcare repeal should be allowed to go out on its own terms,” Sanchez said, adding that “it would be cruel to postpone the inevitable.”


*This is a satirical post.

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