Haley: US Willing to Fight to the Last Korean

Speaking to reporters in New York, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley weighed in on the North Korean crisis. As the leader of the world’s only indispensable nation, President Trump has some “hard choices” to make in the coming days, Haley said.*

“The American people do not always understand why the US is involved in conflicts as remote as North Korea. Some voters wonder, ‘How is this our problem? Why don’t we let the people in the region sort it out?'”

“But,” Haley continued, “the US must remain engaged. The rest of the world looks to the United States–and especially to President Trump–for leadership. And sometimes that means we have to make sacrifices for the greater good and to protect our allies.”

Critics of military intervention argue that it would cost tens of thousands of lives in North Korea and in South Korea as well. South Korea’s densely populated capital of Seoul is near the border and within the range of North Korean artillery.

Ambassador Haley did not find these objections persuasive, however.

If Kim Jong Un continues his pursuit of a deliverable nuclear weapon, Haley said President Trump is prepared to make the necessary sacrifices. “The US is willing to fight to the last South Korean.”


*This is a satirical post. Hat tip to Scott Horton for aptly summarizing the US position on North Korea and inspiring this piece.

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