Noted Policy Wonk Donald Trump Declares GOP Healthcare Bill ‘Mean’

Behind closed doors, President Donald Trump described the House’s GOP healthcare bill as “mean”, according to a source with knowledge of the president’s thinking.*

The news broke at a critical time in the GOP’s efforts to pass legislation to radically transform the name of Obamacare. GOP leaders expressed concern and frustration that the president’s remarks could undermine their efforts.

However, Democrats and other healthcare experts were quick to tout Trump’s description. Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) response was typical:

Within Washington, DC, Trump has a well-deserved reputation as a serious policy wonk in several areas, especially healthcare. He knows the literature and the economics inside and out.

So if he’s saying this bill is mean, you can take that to the bank.

Other sources noted that Trump is usually very guarded and circumspect with respect to his views. “He doesn’t go off half-cocked,” one source told The Daily Face Palm. “If he takes a strong stance on something, whether in private or on Twitter, you know he thought it through for at least two, maybe three minutes.”

At press time, the GOP leadership was considering asking the Congressional Budget Office for an official determination on whether the healthcare reform was, in fact, mean.


*This a satirical post. While the underlying event is real, the quotes above are fictional.

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