Assessment: RT’s ‘Question More’ Slogan Evidence of Russian Aims

In a new and explosive report at The Washington Post, anonymous senior US intelligence officials have revealed the existence of a new highly classified intelligence assessment on Russia and its influence campaigns against the US. The assessment, code-named “BEARLY SECRET” or BS within the intelligence community, focuses on the activities of state-funded broadcaster RT and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s personal involvement in actions against the US.

By now, it is well-established that the Russian FSB hacked Democratic Party servers and highly fortified Gmail accounts in order to obtain and leak damaging information about Secretary Clinton. It has also been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Donald Trump has a FaceTime call with Vladimir Putin each Sunday that involves excessive giggling and a friendly game of Othello. Additionally, it has been reported that RT sought to undermine faith in US elections by, among other things, hosting third-party debates, dangerously implying that more than two choices existed for US voters. During the election campaign, RT also provided extensive coverage of the Clinton email scandal instead of focusing 90% of their coverage on Trump’s Twitter activity like more reputable media outlets did.

This was all known previously. The new BS intelligence assessment, however, takes things one step further and shows that RT’s behavior in the most recent election was not unique. In fact, BS says that everything about the organization, from its logo to its (lack of) journalistic standards, was designed for the sole purpose of undermining the US people’s faith in their government and their democracy.

One of the most obvious examples highlighted by the BS assessment is RT’s slogan, “Question More.” Traditionally read by a speaker with a cheeky, posh British accent to appear harmless, the slogan holds a much darker purpose. One intelligence official briefed on the matter, and granted anonymity for no particular reason, told The Daily Face Palm, “It’s hard to imagine more compelling proof than that. It’s right there in the slogan–Russia is telling both of their American viewers to be skeptical of their government. It’s reprehensible.”

What’s more, the assessment notes that Putin was intimately involved in the day-to-day running of the organization, including making decisions on the organization’s branding and editorial decisions throughout the week. One might imagine Putin would be too busy running a country of 143 million to get involved in such minutiae, but they would be wrong. According to the BS assessment, there was extensive evidence of Putin’s direction of all aspects of RT’s branding and operations just as there was clear indications that Putin was involved in the hacking operations, which has been reported previously.

According to the Post’s account, the intelligence officials they spoke to did not go into detail about the nature of all the evidence they had to support their assertions. However, one damning source of evidence they did reveal appears to have been–ironically enough–internal email communications obtained from within RT itself. Significantly, the BS assessment notes much of the correspondence appeared to be written in Russian, a language commonly used by none other than Vladimir Putin.

Altogether, the assessment adds to the already overwhelming pile of suppositions, accusations, and conjecture that amount to an ironclad case against Donald Trump. When asked about Americans who remain skeptical of the Russian influence story, our source in the intelligence community thought this latest assessment would finally resolve those doubts once and for all: “The proof is in the BS.”


*Note that the new intelligence assessment and the intelligence sources cited in this article are fictional in nature. Any similarities between this article and the officially reported accusations from major media outlets are entirely coincidental. It is true, however, that one actual intelligence assessment cited RT’s hosting of third-party debates as evidence of some kind of anti-American intentions.

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