Changes at The Daily Face Palm

I’m pleased to announce that the Face Palm is undergoing a bit of a transition. The site’s name notwithstanding, we’ll be shifting our focus to publish more stand-alone articles that can be shared with other outlets and fewer article recommendations.

We’re also going to try our hand at satire and potentially make that the focus of our site going forward, if it goes well. For this purpose, we have a new writer, Christian Britschgi, who will be joining our team. Christian currently writes for Reason and brings a sincere journalistic voice that is perfect for discussing the absurdities of our present politics.

Going forward, we plan to publish articles Monday and Wednesday with satirical pieces coming out each Friday.

There are a few reasons for the switch.

Personally, it’s become a bit unsustainable to write full-length every day, as it was taking materially all of my free time outside of my day job. And try as I might to shorten them, it turns out that brevity is one of my weaker suits.

Just as important on the practical front, there’s always a fear of preaching to the choir. It is a wonderful fact that there are a great number of bloggers who write from a libertarian perspective, but I suspect most are primarily read by people that already agree.

This is useful in itself, but it’s not our purpose. Our purpose has been to reach out to people with other viewpoints as well as people that may be apathetic about politics entirely. It’s our hope that the new approach will allow us to do so more effectively.

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